For a long time now Imaging Techs and janitorial staff have struggled with the problem of CT Contrast spills. They have scrubbed, scraped, chiseled and even painted over the sticky troublesome messes.

Florence and Abigail are two such techs that faced this issue everyday. They set about finding a product that would remove the CT Contrast without damaging or staining any underlying surfaces. The solution is "CT Natural", a CT Contrast Cleaner that is totally non toxic, has a wonderful fresh-air scent, and is a 100% natural and sustainable product that works in seconds.

Take a minute to look over our page and then send a request, or an email, and we will come see you, or send a sample to show you how simple this longtime problem has become!



The Cost of Hot Towels Vs. The Cost of CT Natural
Do you use hot towels to clean contrast spills? If so ask yourself these questions:

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How many trips do you take down the hall for hot water and heating towels in the microwave??
How much per hour is the Technologists earning?
How much per minute is the unused CT SUITE costing while patients wait, and spills set?


CT Natural... $25.00 per 32 Oz Spray Bottle and cleans new spills in seconds.

What is your time worth?